i think my neighbourhood deserves a sitcom because there’s

  • me, the teen blogger
  • a house with 8 nuns
  • a drug dealer who drives a hummer
  • a scottish man who only ever wears a kilt and mows his lawn at 3 am
  • an elderly couple who drive everywhere on their lawn mower
  • a peacock who has been roaming the neighbourhood for years and no one knows why or where it came from 

I’d watch the shit outta that show




  • Sooo I got an Iphone so I probably won’t be needing this anymore… So I guessed I could do a givaway and yeah.
  • You have to be following me (stolenpandorica) or any one of my other 3 blogs (I will check).
  • I’ll choose a winner if this gets to 75K, and ship anywhere.
  • It’s a 32 GB Ipod touch 4th generation and, If you want it, a supernatural case although the case is kinda scratched and stuff so u can choose if you want it or not.
  • reblogging more time would increase your chances but please don’t spam your followers lol






In honor of hitting 69 followers I will be giving away this small shopping cart I found in the trash at work (I’m a janitor so this isn’t as strange as it sounds, I find all sorts of crap). You do not have to be following me, and I will ship anywhere in the world on my own money. If you would like to win said small shopping cart reblog this post by June 30th! Winner will be chosen at random.

This has eleven thousand notes in under twelve hours.  My followers have multiplied twentyfold.  A fic has been written about me and my goddamn shopping cart.  Why.  Why does a tiny shopping cart instill such passion in the hearts of bloggers

fifteen days left!  Reblog to improve your chances of winning this eight dollar hunk of metal by one hundredth of a percent!  You know you want it.

i’m not even reblogging this because i want to win. i’m reblogging this because it feels like taking a part in history

Fuck that I want a tiny shopping cart.